Quest to change the “empty nest”

Empty. How does that word make you feel? What images do you see? Empty is defined as “containing nothing; not filled or occupied.” Not exactly a word that brings to mind sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. However, I’ve been hearing the phrase “empty nest” often  as my boys are becoming men and move into a new season in their lives.

You might be thinking, “She’s in denial.” Trust me, I get it. I just truly don’t like the term. During conversations,  I will meet the words, “empty nest” with a wrinkle of my nose in irritation, and likely a quick switch to some story from my active, and full life.

A colleague recently introduced me to the word, transitioning. I’m finding it to be a kinder, gentler, and much more suitable description of this time in my life.

Transitioning…yes. Empty…NO! My nest isn’t empty, nor will ever be. What do you think?



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Independent. Creative. Sarcastic. Kind.
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