This is the year I learn to like bananas

It is true. I detest bananas. Yes, I know they’re good for me. I cannot bear the flavor of banana candy, pudding or  banana cream pie. (My nose is wrinkling as I write this.) The years have made me more tolerant of this healthful fruit. I no longer gag just from the smell, both of my boys love bananas, and I truly enjoy eating banana bars and banana bread.

After reflecting on 2015, three items of significance came immediately to mind:

  1. I learned to knit.
  2. I said goodbye to a 20-year friendship.
  3. I realized that I am a private person who finds it difficult to discuss my personal thoughts, accomplishments, dreams, struggles with even my closest friends. (Learning this truth has been life-changing as I work to be more forthright about my life. And likely contributed to Reflection #2.)

As I continue my quest to learn and grow to be the best I can be, this year (2016) finds me in the midst of some major life transitions. Son #1 will be a college graduate. Son #2 will be a high school graduate. We celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary and I enjoy a milestone birthday that ends a zero.

I am also a sucker for those Internet quizzes. (I am Dorothy from Golden Girls.  My redneck name is Trixie. I am most like Carol from The Walking Dead.) When the opportunity to discover my  guide word for 2016 showed up in my news feed, I had to see what was waiting for me! That word is “future.”

So how does this connect to the commitment of learning to like bananas? While the noun definition of future references that “period of time that’s still to come,” the adjective defines future as “at a later time; going or likely to happen or exist.” Whatever explanation you prefer, the point is that the the future isn’t set; my future can include so many things, including eating bananas. How many times do we let the voice in our head keep us from experimenting and experiencing? I don’t like to give that power over my thinking to anyone or anything. And maybe I’ll learn that I still don’t like bananas. I’ll never know until I try. The only thing preventing from knowing my future on this front is boldly braving a bite.

Here’s to that moment of courage…whatever your banana may be.



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1 Response to This is the year I learn to like bananas

  1. A) Why didn’t I know you had a blog? and B) I lived with you for a year – how did I not know you didn’t like bananas? (Although now that I type this, vague images of your “distaste face” of 25 years ago are coming to mind …)

    I say, take the bite, let it linger, then take a second bite (your first bite will be tainted with expectations). If you decide you still don’t like them, toss it aside. Bananas are great for other people – they’re great for me, I love them – but they’re not for everybody. Some people would rather have apples, or pears, even kiwi. And that’s OK. Put us all together and we’re a wonderful fruit salad. If we all liked the same thing, we’d just be a bowl of bananas.

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