There’s always a first

I’ve been watching friends post pictures of their kids returning to school and lamenting how fast time has gone by as “Princess” starts second grade while another loads her oldest child on the bus for the first time. And I’m dealing with my own time machine.

#1 son is piling Pimp Daddy in preparation for tomorrow’s move to Iowa State University.  (BTW – Pimp Daddy is our affectionate name for the 2003 Ford Focus he drives.)

#2 son is filling his last day of summer freedom working. What a rude awakening it will be when his alarm rings at 7 a.m. tomorrow to signal the start of his sophomore year.

This year brings some significant milestones for our family. In October, #1 son turns that magical age of 21. On Sept. 5,  #2 son earns that golden ticket to freedom known as the driver’s license.  Definitely firsts…and definitely life-changing for all of us.

How is it possible to feel like I haven’t aged yet at the same time I feel the weight of worldly wisdom and experiences I’ve accrued these past 21 years of being a parent?

I smile as I remember the emotions of those early milestones – preschool graduation, lost teeth, school bus rides, overnight with friends. And I work hard to smile (and not cry) at these new adventures – sending a kid off to college,  meeting roommates, driving alone. We’ve had 20 years of  teaching, guiding and enjoying these boys and it’s time to watch them continue to grow and learn.

I am so very proud of the resilience, kindness, humor, spirit they possess…the people they have become. And, I look forward to continuing this journey as their mom. WOW…hang on for the ride!



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